melting the ice

Southern Snowpocaplyse is weeks past, but pockets of plowed snow are still hanging around, stubbornly ignoring the sun and warmth.  This annual reality is nothing new to northerners, but in the south it’s kind of a novelty.


When we’re done with our sleds and hot chocolate, and ready for the snow to be gone, we hope that a couple of days of warmer weather will clear it right up. Yet these stubborn reminders, these crappy-looking piles of ice and grime, decorate our parking lots for weeks at a time.

This is a season in which many of us shine a light on places in our souls that haven’t seen warmth for some time. We hope the ice and chill will thaw quickly, with a few quick doses of shoveling and sunlight.

But healing takes time.  We can shovel all we want, but eventually only things we can’t control – namely, light, heat and time – will melt the snowdrifts.

If, like my daughter, you have red polka dotted boots, then feel free to climb on top of one of these little mountains and play. Otherwise tread carefully and let time do its work.


About bernardowens

I'm an Episcopal priest in Greensboro, North Carolina.
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