why talk about money so much?

I know what it’s like from the other side. My mailbox is often filled with requests from colleges, grad schools, public radio, local museums. These are all things that provide great value for me, and yet I find myself saying “wow, they’re asking for money again!”

So I suspect that folks in church have asked the same question about me once or twice.

It’s a fair question, especially for those who’ve been giving to the church for a long time, who already get the idea of proportional giving, both from a practical and spiritual side.

But even if that $42 bazillion-dollar-no-strings-attached pledge arrived in the mail tomorrow (it didn’t come today – I checked) then we would still be talking about giving and generosity as frequently as we do during “stewardship” and/or “lean” seasons. Or, at least we should.

Because while the language of giving, proportional or otherwise, may be old had to 75% of us (and I’m just picking a number), that means there’s a whole lot of people for whom it is new and potentially life changing. At St. Andrew’s we see visitors and guests every week. That means on any given Sunday there are at least a handful – if not a great deal more than that – who have never been given the gift of a vision of financial life that is wholly integrated into their spiritual life, their life in Christ.

Talking about money may simply be functional if we do it during times of need. But real conversations about giving, finance and generosity are intrinsically valuable and something to be practiced througout the whole year.



About bernardowens

I'm an Episcopal priest in Greensboro, North Carolina.
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One Response to why talk about money so much?

  1. guilfordpark says:

    Amen again!

    Jo Nygard Owens Associate Pastor Guilford Park Presbyterian Church 2100 Fernwood Drive | Greensboro, NC 27408 336.288.5452 (o) 336.601.3696 (c) http://www.guilfordpark.org guilfordpark.wordpress.com

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