a morning long ago

A prayer worth sharing, written by my wife Jo Nygard Owens:

It was a morning long ago,
the sun shining bright,
the water sparkling,
the people talking,
the air humming
with promise.

It was a morning long ago
when the heavens were torn apart
and a dove—
not a lion, not an eagle, not a bear,
yes a dove,
descended to anoint Jesus.

It was a morning long ago
when who we are
as children,
as those who are loved,
as followers of Christ
was inaugurated.

Now it’s morning again.
Our weather is not the same,
there’s no stream outside the sanctuary,
no men and women, youth and children
gathered at the banks.

But it’s morning, and our lives are changed.
Help us to feel the touch of the dove
and know that we were not called
by the scorpion to sting,
by the tiger to growl,
by the bull to push our way through.

We were called by the dove
with hope,
with promise,
with peace.

We were called to pray for each other:
we lift up (_____).

May they know the healing,
the life,
and the peace found in your waters.

We pray for our world:
for those who turn to violence
because they feel there is no other way;
for those who have been the victims of violence,
because they had no choice;
for leaders and rulers
that they may rule under the sign of the dove;
for our nation,
that it may find a way to bridge the chasm that increasingly divides.

We pray most of all this ancient prayer,
said by followers throughout time and place:
Our Father…


About bernardowens

I'm an Episcopal priest in Greensboro, North Carolina.
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One Response to a morning long ago

  1. Anne says:

    thank you for sharing this. it is beautiful

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