the final (trial) schedule

featuring the arm of a senior warden, covering a wifi password

featuring the arm of a senior warden, covering a wifi password

After some continued conversation and feedback, the vestry at this weekend’s retreat decided to continue with the trial service time changes in Lent and Easter, but with some adjustments.  Here’s the final schedule:

Feb. 22nd-May 24th (Lent I through Pentecost)

8:00 am    Holy Eucharist II (the “early service”)

9:00 am    Adult Class

10:00 am  Holy Eucharist Rite II

11:15 am    Children’s Formation, Fellowship, & Small Group Class

The point of this trial is to explore the question “What is the best Sunday schedule for St. Andrew’s?” For more explanation of that question, check out this earlier post.

Why the change to the change?  There are several reasons. An important one is that a change from 10:30 to 9:30, even as an experiment, felt to some to be very abrupt.  Others thought 9:30 to be an ideal time, and we hope those folks will also be willing to adapt a bit. This adjustment also allow us – thinking in “trial mode” – to get a clearer picture of whether having children’s classes after the primary service would be helpful. Trying to make lots of changes at once – including children’s formation, adult classes, and worship times – was shaping up to be untenable.

Through this adjustment, we do lose the chance to see if having the adult class later increased its participation. We hope that adults who might like to see a formal class happen at the later time will let us know.

As you can see, it continues to be a work in progress. That said, this will be the final plan for the trial period and we’ll begin communicating it widely. Thanks everyone for being involved in this!


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2 Responses to the final (trial) schedule

  1. Marcia Moore says:

    This amended plan is SOOOO much more workable – even a half hour makes a big difference. thanks !

  2. Anne Wilkinson says:

    is nursery available during the 9:00 Adult Class? just asking. i’ll try to get my old body over to GBO by 9:00.

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