queen elsa on tithing

elsa helmetI snapped this picture of a Queen Elsa bike helmet to file under “for later consideration.” My daughter got hold of my phone, saw the picture, and immediately re-categorized it under “for immediate action.”

What 5-year old girl wouldn’t? My wife Jo had the brilliant idea to let her earn it through special chores: At 25 cents for help doing laundry and a penny a gumball in the yard, things will be looking pretty snappy over at Casa de Owens. My daughter jumped right into it.

To WHICH I added: how about saving some of it? That put me on the board for responsible parenting.

To WHICH my wife then added: how about also saving some earnings to go to the church? How about learning what a tithe is and why it matters? My wife is always doing annoying things like that, saying smart things that hadn’t occurred to me. Again, the girl was all over it. She already enjoyed filling a mite box so this was just more fun to be had.

None of these are original ideas, but credit to Jo for remembering them. It’s a great lesson in financial well-being that can start anytime. Our daughter gets to see that saving, giving, and the spending the rest isn’t an unreasonable thing. In fact, saving and giving meaningfully to churches (ok, charities, too, I suppose) are in fact essential to our well-being.

We can’t start that teaching too soon. Or should we (snark alert) wait until after our young folk are out of college, saddled with debt and/or discovering how easy it is to buy stuff, to say that it’s time to start thinking about giving generously?

Thank you, Queen Elsa. I’d invite you to be the stewardship chair next fall if I wasn’t afraid you’d freeze my heart.


About bernardowens

I'm an Episcopal priest in Greensboro, North Carolina.
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