a glimpse of the service changes

At St. Andrew’s we’re about two months into our trial period with a new Sunday Schedule and we’re getting a picture of how it’s working. We’ll be soliciting feedback in May through a survey that comes out later this week and a community forum on May 17th, but I wanted to share what I’ve seen thus far.

  • Participation in Children’s Classes – aka “Sunday School” – has tripled. When this was held before church, we would see an average of 2 to 4 children, each of whom would trickle in anytime during the hour.  As you can imagine, this was consistently difficult on the children and the teachers. Now we typically start our Children’s Class with 9-12 children on an average Sunday. The difference, as Audra Abt has said, is “kind of amazing.”
  • Fellowship continues to be quite robust. The anecdotal feedback I’ve received has been very positive, that we have built on earlier success in building this weekly gathering.
  • The jury may still be out on having the Sunday Class for Adults before the service and a small group study afterwards. The classes have seen good conversations but somewhat small numbers. However, this is pretty consistent with how “Sunday formation” for adults tends to look this time of year, so it’s tough to get a clear answer.
  • Sunday morning overall attendance is fairly similar to previous years. We are a bit lower than last year’s Sunday attendance figures, but a bit higher than the 3-year rolling average.

As we expected, there isn’t one clear answer so far, but some valuable insights that will help our community to discern the best service schedule given our needs, our hopes and our resources.

I hope you’ll participate in the survey and join us after church on May 17th, and certainly reach out to me if you have questions.


About bernardowens

I'm an Episcopal priest in Greensboro, North Carolina.
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One Response to a glimpse of the service changes

  1. Anne Wilkinson says:

    i am glad to hear that there has been a positive effect on children’s attendance of sunday school. After reading that, i will not gripe about the change making it more difficult for me to drag myself out of bed on sunday morning a little earlier. my attendance has been affected, but i’ll try to change that.

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