thoughts on the Ministry Survey

Happy new year to you all!

As time passes at a church our interest and capacity in various kinds of ministries and fellowship offerings will quite naturally wax and wane.  Some things work well year-in and year-out, but other things are not so timeless as we might imagine. New ideas that may enliven our fellowship may be waiting just below the surface, in the minds of a few people who would like to try something new. And something that was fresh and life-giving just 5 years ago may need some adjustments.

It’s healthy for a church, on a fairly regular basis, to check in on where our energy and capacity for vibrant ministry is strongest. This will help us to strengthen things that are working well, and perhaps even listen for opportunities that we might be missing.

We’ve begun to circulate  a simple survey with the parish that asks a few basic questions: What are you interested in? How would you like to participate? Where can you help to offer leadership?

The survey will be open through the end of January. It is not meant to address every conceivable ministry possibility, but rather to offer broad categories of church life to see where our energy today lies.

What will be the likely outcome of this survey? We’ll hopefully get a clearer sense of where people wish to engage. This will help us to put our energy behind the greater needs of the parish and community. We also hope to give people a clearer path for connection and engagement.

A church our size cannot be all things to all people, but we can be a place of focused ministry and vibrant fellowship. Some ministries will likely remain as they were, but others may not. Please be sure to spend some time with the survey, and join us in the coming months as some new things begin to take shape.

You can find the online survey here.



About bernardowens

I'm an Episcopal priest in Greensboro, North Carolina.
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